Sunday Motorcycle Ride

We rode the BMW to lunch with family Sunday… taking a highway 218 out of West Virginia and then 19 North toward Pittsburgh.  It was a leisurely ride in the sunshine and about 72*.

We see a lot of animals on our rides, like deer, possums, maybe skunks.  Today we were surprised to see a peacock in the road outside of Blacksville, WV.  Traffic was sparse so Schoo easily evaded it and the pea hen that was just off the shoulder.  🙂 Wish I’d taken a picture for you! But just for effect I found this one from

peacock pic

After lunch we headed home and the temperature had climbed to 86*, a good indicator of the afternoon thunderstorms to come.  We made it home just ahead of the rain but couldn’t have had a better day on the bike.

The Decision to Build a Plane

Schoo began constructing his Van’s RV-9A in November of 2002.  After much research, he decided the RV was the way he wanted to go.  One of his good buddies, John, was getting his pilot’s license at the time so they decided to become partners in a plane venture.  John’s responsibility included all the paperwork, insurance, etc., and Schoo led the charge on actual construction.  Schoo posted on a message board that he wondered if there were any completed RV’s in our area that he could see.  From that post he and John visited two completed planes and made two new friends.  New friend Larry advised him that (at the time) there was a waiting list for the kit–then they found one that had been purchased but the owner was unable to begin due to health problems.  He and Schoo took off to Wisconsin and came home with the kit.  I’ll add pictures and write more about the process later.

plane avionics young bill plane project working in garage

Hey, Ladies! Packing for an 8-Day Motorcycle Trip

Rain gear chic!
           Rain gear chic!

Hi!  This is a guest post by Jo, Schoo’s wife.  I thought it would be helpful to female travelers to get my perspective at times. For example, when we went to Sturgis in 2011, I thought I over packed.  So I have tried to be more careful in choosing the clothes I’m taking.  Tomorrow I will wear jeans, a tank top with a t-shirt over it, socks, and boots.  I’ll be wearing my Scorpion jacket with body armor as well as leather gloves and a Nolan helmet.  Schoo and I have a Scala blue tooth communication system.

I am packing an additional two pairs of jeans.  I can wear jeans for two days if needed but I noticed that they got covered in bugs last trip.  I will take advantage of any opportunity to wash clothes, but I don’t think jeans dry well overnight so I won’t be washing them in the sink.  With three pairs of jeans I could make the entire 8 day trip if I had to with no clothes washing.

I’m also taking shorts for walking, running or working out.  These can do double duty because they will be easy to wash in the sink and dry.  I have a workout top that is the same.  I also have brought a bathing suit, a pair of flip flops, and a pair of running shoes.  Also a pair of flat shoes that slip on.

For dinner times, I have two pairs of shorts–a longish denim pair and also a pair of bright blue cotton cargo shorts.  To round off the inventory, for both riding all day and going out to dinner at night,  I have a cotton sweater, a turtleneck, a long sleeved t-shirt, two tank tops, a long sleeve medium weight button down, and a short sleeved tee shirt.  Make your bets now about whether I will say I over packed or not!

Note:  This is a post I wrote last year for my husband’s blog, Schoo by Land, Air and Sea, and I WAS overpacked.  I could have left one of the extra pairs of jeans, all the workout gear and shoes at home and made do with one pair of shorts.  We were able to do laundry in Bar Harbor, so I could have taken about half the clothes I did!  🙂
On the day it rained buckets during our entire ride, the Hein Gericke waterproof suit earned its place in my pack.  It was large enough to fit over my riding jacket and jeans.  I did not get wet at all, except for my boots.  I was wearing a pair of Skechers leather boots which were not intended to be waterproof.  Next time I might try to find boots that are waterproof too, or maybe opt for some of the boot covers.  Back to the suit–it’s an older model, lightweight and feels rubbery.  I’ll update once I get the exact model number, but it’s highly recommended.
Happy trails to you, and let me know if you have any good travel packing tips to pass on to our readers.

Planning a Trip to Alaska for 2016

original_world-traveller-push-pin-map Schoo and a friend are planning to ride to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska next summer… yeah, it’s a bucket list thing!  Last year a couple of them started thinking about it and John said, “I’m putting in for a month’s vacation right now!”

As soon as July 4th is over, they’ll get together to plan the trip from our home in West Virginia to Prudhoe Bay and back.  In a cool twist (haha! Alaska humor!) we women will be flying up to spend a week or ten days with them in Fairbanks!  I guess John and his wife have a goal to visit every state together and they aren’t about to let this opportunity get by them.  The guys are talking tires and other gear.  Schoo will have our 2007 BMW R1200 GSA, John will be riding a Suzuki DL1000 V-strom.  If you have any tips about gear or places to go, leave a comment!