About the Flooding in WV

(Note:  I avoided writing this post until it seems I can’t avoid the fact that the area which has flooded is the area I wrote about in my last post.)

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.29.04 PM

It seems so strange that the area we traveled a couple of weeks ago are in the news now for massive flooding.  White Sulphur Springs (the red marker on this map) is one of the places that is hardest hit.  When you compare this map to the ones I posted with our ride June 9-11, you can see that we rode right along this area.  On this map, note Snowshoe, Greenbank, Princeton, and Ripley as points in our journey.

The terrain that makes West Virginia so beautiful and such a great place to ride motorcycles–steep mountains and narrow valleys–is also prone to flooding.  I remember an old joke about why anyone would live in places like this, but truly–disasters happen in any geography, just different kinds.  There have been many people stepping up to provide relief to the families affected, and I’m sure there will be more help needed.  If you are inclined to help, please read this article first.  And thank you.

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