Traveling the Alcan Highway Part 1

Schoo seemed a little fuzzy on the details (after all, the trip was in July!) so I had the group from the Alaska trip over for dinner last Sunday.  Here’s how that went:

Jo:  Okay, I’ve called this meeting because I’m writing this up for the blog so anyone wanting to make this trip will have the information.  So, you crossed into Canada at…

John (consults his journal):  at Saskatchewan, just out of North Dakota.

Schoo:  Yeah, just out of Linton, North Dakota.

Dave:  Was it Linton?

John:  I don’t know the name of that little town.

Schoo:  I do, because we had to take me to the emergency room to get the ear bud out of my ear.  I just paid off the hospital bill–Linton Hospital, Linton, North Dakota.

Dave and John:  Ooooh.  yeah.

John:  Ok, the first night we stayed in Estevan, Sk.  That was July 11th  at the Holiday Inn Express.

Dave:  Yeah, remember they had massive rains, the ceilings in Wal Mart had collapsed because of the rain and it was a disgusting mess with sawhorses everywhere… and the whole town was in an uproar.  There was a state of emergency declared.

John:  Remember, the rain caused flash flooding everywhere.

Bill:  I remember being sick as hell and the next day we had to ride 9 1/2 hours to Edmonton in all that rain.

John:  Yeah, that was a big day.  I think 696 miles (consults journal) and 350 of that was in the driving rain.

After Edmonton, we went to Dawson Creek, BC. Only 389 miles that day.  There was some stuff we wanted to see there.

Wives:  Like what?

Bill:  the beginning of the  Alaskan Highway–remember, Mile Zero?

Dave:  Yeah, and John’s chain was loose so we had to borrow a wrench from the drunk guy.

Bill (Laughing.) Oh yeah, that’s right!  I forgot about him.  We were at the Super-8 trying to find someone to borrow tools from.  We already had a wrench.   Then this drunk guy insisted on giving us a wrench to adjust John’s chain–drunk, greasy, dirty.  We ate at the restaurant next door, the Calgary Stampede—they were racing wagons in the mud.

John:  So the next day we got back on the motorcycles and headed to Dawson Creek.  That was probably the most interesting day we had, remember we went to Watson Lake? About 622 miles… through a lot of wild fire area.

Bill:  Is that where we saw all those airplanes on the side of the road?

Dave: That was also the day we say the Unimog.  (to the wives–that’s a really expensive off road vehicle–Arnold Schwarzenegger has one.  Usually a whole community buys one, but this guy had one!  Crazy!)

John:  We rode through the bison 10-15 miles before Watson Lake.

Bill:  Oh yeah!  Was that when we rode through the bison?  That herd went from  treeline to treeline.  At first we were just stuck.  But I started to move through them real slow and they were cool with it.  At first I was a little scared, but then it was okay.

Dave:  That’s when we saw early in the day… what? 5 total? the same day; black bears.  Yeah, not one big animal the whole way and then in the same day we get five bears and a heard of bison.



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