Preparation Underway for Alaska

Here are the preparations my husband and his buds have been making to travel 14,000 miles by adventure bike 3 months from now:

  • bought two pairs of new tires–one is being shipped to a distant cousin in Alaska to be changed into once they reach Fairbanks and before they reach Milepost 1520
  • researched Canadian regulations and bought a bear gun
  • bought a tent, Kermit chairs,  a Whisperlite stove, and a French press.
  • bought a Thermorest cot
  • dug out the old sleeping bag
  • upgraded the GPS
  • bought a SPOT tracking device
  • discussed which of them would bring which tools–including a battery charger
  • John bought new Touratech panniers; Dave is looking at the Daylong motorcycle seat

They’ve also gone over the bikes to make sure they are fit mechanically–fixed lights that didn’t work, changed oil, checked brakes, Schoo made his own kickstand pad, but you could buy one here

I’ve been warned that he will be commandeering the dining room table as early as this weekend to lay out his gear and decide what to take.  He still needs new boots and I’m helping him evaluate cookware for the trip.

Have you traveled the Alaskan Highway by motorcycle or traveled through the Yukon Territory?  Do you have any suggestions for cookware or other equipment they need?  And lastly, Schoo needs size 14 boots, preferably with Goretex and comfortable to walk in so he doesn’t have to take any other shoes.  Suggestions?

Planning a Trip to Alaska for 2016

original_world-traveller-push-pin-map Schoo and a friend are planning to ride to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska next summer… yeah, it’s a bucket list thing!  Last year a couple of them started thinking about it and John said, “I’m putting in for a month’s vacation right now!”

As soon as July 4th is over, they’ll get together to plan the trip from our home in West Virginia to Prudhoe Bay and back.  In a cool twist (haha! Alaska humor!) we women will be flying up to spend a week or ten days with them in Fairbanks!  I guess John and his wife have a goal to visit every state together and they aren’t about to let this opportunity get by them.  The guys are talking tires and other gear.  Schoo will have our 2007 BMW R1200 GSA, John will be riding a Suzuki DL1000 V-strom.  If you have any tips about gear or places to go, leave a comment!