Pictures of the KTM

Admittedly, I had thought I’d post pictures of the rebuild process on the 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure R.  However, life got in the way and “BAM!” Schoo got the motorcycle together before I took pictures of the process. He did some cool things like added Tusk paniers and welded on some Touratech upper crash bars.  Looks great!

Here’s the deal.  He tends to work during all kinds of stolen minutes–like at 5 a.m. while he’s drinking coffee or at noon when he’s on a lunch break.  And I tend to be gone a lot, anyway–“flitting around,” he calls it.  Sometimes I WAS there, though–like when I helped rebuild the fork seals.  Yes, me.

I wish I could have taken pictures with my grubby hands while I held the damper rod in place and tried to help him get that spring thingy back into the outer piece.  Schoo is pretty strong but it was taking everything he had to compress the spring and then he had to tighten something.  I mainly was keeping the unit vertical.  Somehow he hit on an idea of sticking a wrench between the springs to maintain his progress and kept on manhandling it in there.  Fork fluid oozed out all over my hands but I couldn’t take a picture anyway or might have gotten the “look of incredulity” from Schoo.  Like, “Really? We are trying to get a fork seal together and I’m straining my guts out to do this and you are taking pictures?”  Then he would probably say what he always says to me, “Focus.”

A few months later when he replaced some fork seals on another KTM, I was not available (probably not “flitting” though–maybe buying groceries) and he came up with a new plan.  He realized he could wind the spring backward with a wrench.  He says it worked like a charm.  If you have any questions about how to rebuild KTM fork seals or forks or whatever, leave them in the comments and I’ll get the better technical answers from Schoo.  Until then, here are some great pictures.  And yes, it is for sale!