The Decision to Build a Plane

Schoo began constructing his Van’s RV-9A in November of 2002.  After much research, he decided the RV was the way he wanted to go.  One of his good buddies, John, was getting his pilot’s license at the time so they decided to become partners in a plane venture.  John’s responsibility included all the paperwork, insurance, etc., and Schoo led the charge on actual construction.  Schoo posted on a message board that he wondered if there were any completed RV’s in our area that he could see.  From that post he and John visited two completed planes and made two new friends.  New friend Larry advised him that (at the time) there was a waiting list for the kit–then they found one that had been purchased but the owner was unable to begin due to health problems.  He and Schoo took off to Wisconsin and came home with the kit.  I’ll add pictures and write more about the process later.

plane avionics young bill plane project working in garage