Trips We’ve Taken

Road Trips

August 2011– a trip to Sturgis on our 2003 Harley Davidson Electraglide Classic, just us.

July 2012–Schoo headed west with a group of friends on his 2003 BMW R1150 GS.  This is when we started blogging, so Jo and the rest of the family could keep up with his adventures.  You can read about those early days here.

July 2013– we rode the 2003 BMW R1150 GS from WV to Niagra Falls and crossed into Canada.  From there we rode east to Quebec and then down into Maine and back with friends.

July 2014–  trailering dirt bikes to 4-corners and then doing 2000 miles of trail riding!

June 2016– We traveled some amazing West Virginia roads with two other couples.

Summer 2016– watch for more information as Schoo, John, and Dave head to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska through the Yukon Territory!


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